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Social Entrepreneurship is the new business model being adopted by world leaders as not only an incredible way to make money but a way to create social change at the same time.

More and more people are looking for a way to become their own boss, increase their income and create freedom, while doing something of purpose at the same time. In the past, doing something that was good for a community or had a specific social need, was left to charities and governments who were set up to handle those issues.

However, business leaders have worked out a way to combine the "For Profit Business Model" with the "Not For Profit Passion for Change".

This new way of doing business is not about companies giving a percentage of their income away, it is the company putting up their hand to say "We will take on the responsibility to fix this problem" and then them coming up with a profitable and sustainable way to handle that problem.


The Opportunity

Up until this point, even to become a Social Entrepreneur you needed large amounts of money or capital to invest. Staff, facilities, products, accounts, legalities etc etc etc made it difficult for every day people to take on the opportunity of becoming a Social Entrepreneur, until now.

One company has realised that it is better to partner with others to complete their mission and share the rewards, they believe that through working together the sky is the limit and so is the income generating potential for the individuals who partner with them.

This company has said they will look after all accounts payable and receivable, staff, facilities, product development and licensing, distribution, which removes a substantial burden from individuals wanting to get started in something but not having the capital.

They have opened their Global Network and partnered with The A Team for training and support of new business partners/Social Entrepreneurs.


Successful Applicants Receive

It is not difficult for anyone to get started, in fact the company has removed all barriers to entry so that the main requirements an individual needs is to be: Teachable, a Team Player and Dependable. If that's you, you should definitely register for more information.

More in depth information is on the next page, however to give you an overview of what you receive by partnering and becoming a Social Entrepreneur please read below.

  • One on one mentorship
  • Websites and campaigns
  • Social Media training
  • Product support
  • Systems
  • Daily updates
  • Leadership development training

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